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Nangayi Guyson

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Land Grabs Continue to Destroy Uganda’s Forests

Wealthy and elite individuals with strong political and economic ties main drivers of deforestation Uganda is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the African continent because of its diverse ecosystems that include natural forests, savanna woodlands, wetlands, lakes and rivers. Early European explorers branded it the “Pearl of Africa.” Much of Uganda lies on the African plateau between 900-1,500 meters above sea level. Its tropical highland forests are divided in three distinct geographical zones, characterized by rainfall regimes — the eastern rim of the Western Rift Valley in the west, the broad belt around the northwestern shores of Lake Victoria, and the spectacular mountains in the east.
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Undress for redress: The rise of naked protests in Africa

“Women give life and so to put the most private symbols of motherhood into the public arena is to negate that life and to say those in power are dead to society.”. A couple of months ago, a firestorm of controversy and debate was ignited in Uganda when Dr Stella Nyanzi stripped naked as a form of protest. Link to Story

Uganda Shilling Currently the Worst performing Currency in Africa -IMF

Bank of Uganda on spot as Ugandan shilling continues to Depreciate against Major foreign Currencies. The Uganda shilling has continued to weaken against major foreign currencies affecting the central Bank. By press time on Thursday, the shilling maintained its downward trajectory against major currencies.
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Makerere University Students strike over Unfair Fees Payment policy

Makerere University students went on strike this morning protesting over what they called unfair administrative policies. The students donned in their red gowns as usual and holding tree branches gathered at Freedom Square this morning protesting against the university’s fees policy of six-week full payment of tuition and other fees.
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What exactly killed Uganda’s Gen Aronda Nyakairima?

According to reports, he died on an Emirates flight heading to Dubai from South Korea where he was on a government trip. He slept and did not wakeup. Uganda’s doctors’ say he died of acute heart attack. This sad news left many Ugandans not believing but it was true, the man who did not complain of anything related to health problems according to his family, was no more.
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Why are Uganda's schools disappearing?

Kampala, Uganda - The bulldozers razed Nabagereka Primary School to the ground, leaving nothing but rubble and classroom detritus. Rose Nakamya heard about her school's demolition when she was watching the morning news two weeks before she was due back at Nabagereka for the new school term. "No one told us that our school would be demolished," Nakamya said.
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Letter From Kampala: Welcome to Africa’s dirtiest city

After corruption finishing its tour in all of Uganda’s financial sectors, high government institutions and all big offices across the country, it has now decided to finish its tour down at the local level and this is now seen in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It is situated 40 km north of Uganda’s international airport Entebbe on Lake Victoria, and with a population of 1,208,544 (2002), and is the country’s only city located at 0°19’N, 32°35’E, at 1,190 m (3,900 ft) above sea level.
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Letter From Kampala: The sad state of Uganda Police living quarters

They are one of the best dressed police force in Africa, often seen in smartly-ironed uniforms of all sorts and colours and at times made to look like Robocop. Here in the West, the images of the Uganda Police force is that of cops with batons clubbing protesters, kicking them and firing teargas at them.
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Money first, life later: Uganda’s Broken Health Care System

Kampala, Uganda - Doctors and other Heath workers across the world swear and work according to the Hippocratic Oath that was penned about 2500 years ago. This Oath protects and teaches Health workers to have strict code of professional and personal conduct while rendering their services. Doctors across the world swear not to do harm or do injustice to their patients but this is not the case in Uganda.
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What next for Uganda and Museveni as former allies turn enemies?

Kampala, Uganda- For over 28 years the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ruled the country with only a threatening opposition from his former companion and personal Doctor Kizza Besigye who challenged him over his presidential bid in 2001. But today, the President Museveni is facing yet serious opposition from his four main former allies.
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Ugandan soap factory closed for polluting environment

ne of Uganda’s biggest soap factories, the Mukwano Soap Factory was on Wednesday morning closed by the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) for allegedly polluting the environment. The factory, part of Mukwano Group of Companies, is based in the heart of Uganda’s Capital Kampala with other operations around East Africa.
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Letter from Kampala Term limit restoration out of order – Museveni

There have been moves to unseat President Museveni from all corners, but all seems to be failing. A recent move led by a populist Member of Parliament John Ken Lukyamuzi to impeach Museveni, quickly gained popularity but failed to get enough support among parliamentarians and vanished in less than a month.
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Nangayi Guyson

I am a creative and diligent investigative journalist who writes in-depth, accurate and well researched stories. I write about social, economic, humanitarian, environmental, and political issues from around the African continent. My work has appeared on different medias around the world. I have contributed to medias like aljazeera ,Think Africa Press , The London Evening Post, Shout-Africa, AllVoices, All Africa, Investigator Uganda, Grand report, and Informer East Africa.